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Elaine Allan

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Class details

Elaine Allan

Toddler Sense представляет целый спектр развивающих мероприятий, это целый мир игр и приключений для малышей от года до трёх лет. На наших занятиях мы используем отличную музыку, специальное развивающее оборудование, игры и новые идеи для ваших малышей! Представьте себе восхождение на Снежную гору, приключения в джунглях, сафари, раскопки окаменелостей, плавание с дельфинами, охоту на динозавров и ещё очень много всего интересного. Каждую неделю вводятся новые игры и приключения. Основной акцент в Toddler Sense делается на движение, азарт и приключения. Задания и игры на наших занятиях весёлые, короткие, активные. Они меняются каждую неделю, дают малышам хорошую пищу для ума, заинтересовывают и приносят много позитивных впечатлений. Программа Toddler Sense отличается от Baby Sensory, но их схожесть в том, что они обе потрясающие и захватывающие.

Посетители всегда приветствуются, но если есть возможность, пожалуйста, позвоните заранее, чтобы забронировать место.

Чтобы записаться на занятия, пожалуйста, свяжитесь с удобным для вас преподавателем.



Lisa has an HNC in Photography and Dawn has a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Illustration and Printmaking


Lisa has previously worked in banking and she is now pursuing a children's fitness qualification Dawn has previously worked as an Arts and Crafts Director and is now attending a night course in Early Education and Childcare


If you wish to have 2  trial classes  you are welcome to do so, 2 trial classes cost £15 in all venues

A five week block is £32.50 in Falkirk and Stirling, £35 in Edinburgh

A 10 week booking is £60 in Falkirk and Stirling, £65 in Edinburgh

The cheapest way to join us is to book a block in the first instance we have to charge more for trials and smaller block because of the additional admin involved 

A very warm welcome to the world of Toddler Sense Fife, Falkirk, Stirling and the Lothians our main objective is for you to have a wonderful experience in our classes with your little one(s)


Toddler sense has a real commitment to the safety of the children

Toddler Sense aims to give a high standard at all times

All our class leaders are covered by public liability insurance


Class cost 

Trial classes are £15 for two weeks trial in all venues

Edinburgh and Fife classes £65 for a 10 week term £35.00 for 5 week term

Falkirk and stirling Classes £60 for a 10 week term £32.50 for 5 weeks

Payment Methods

Online payment when booking a class

cash in class

Additional cost for classes in Fife and Edinburgh reflects the additional hall costs in these areas

 You are encouraged to pay for your session online as this saves time in class. If you choose to pay in class please put all money in a sealed envelope with your details and your little ones details on the front and hand to your class leader. You are wlcome to pay by bank transfer please refenence any payments with your name and childs date of birth

Five week terms

We are happy to offer you booking terms of less than 10 weeks if you would prefer to pay for a shorter term. 

Payment and Renewals

If you are already a customer and do not want to lose your space please pay promptly when you are reminded by either email, text, or computer generated reminder (if you have the online payment facility) Unfortunately if you do not pay for classes within a week of your reminder we have to pressume you no longer wish to continue with classes and your space will be given to the next person on the waiting list.


Dont forget Toddler Sense also do birthday parties that will WOW your little one using any of our magical themes.

Parties cost from £165

Please contact us for more details 07873614317



"I just attended Toddler Sense with my little one for the first time today and we both loved it!! She keeps running through and kissing and cuddling me - to say thank you. We're really looking forward to next week."

"Just wanted to say thank you for a great Toddler Adventure Party - the kids really enjoyed it x."


" We both really enjoy class and it is something I look forward to a lot all week as I work full time, it is the one hour a week we get now to do something just the two of us and I really value that. The activities are great and give ideas for things at home and the effort you both put into the events is amazing and very appreciated."




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