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Class details

Sophie Cooper


Toddler Sense представляет целый спектр развивающих мероприятий, это целый мир игр и приключений для малышей от года до трёх лет. На наших занятиях мы используем отличную музыку, специальное развивающее оборудование, игры и новые идеи для ваших малышей! Представьте себе восхождение на Снежную гору, приключения в джунглях, сафари, раскопки окаменелостей, плавание с дельфинами, охоту на динозавров и ещё очень много всего интересного. Каждую неделю вводятся новые игры и приключения. Основной акцент в Toddler Sense делается на движение, азарт и приключения. Задания и игры на наших занятиях весёлые, короткие, активные. Они меняются каждую неделю, дают малышам хорошую пищу для ума, заинтересовывают и приносят много позитивных впечатлений. Программа Toddler Sense отличается от Baby Sensory, но их схожесть в том, что они обе потрясающие и захватывающие.

Посетители всегда приветствуются, но если есть возможность, пожалуйста, позвоните заранее, чтобы забронировать место.

Чтобы записаться на занятия, пожалуйста, свяжитесь с удобным для вас преподавателем.


Sophie has been working with children for most of her career. She started work as an au pair (Sophie is French), had a brief spell working in the City in a Corporate environment and then retrained as a nursery teacher after returning to work as a mum of two. Sophie loves interacting with kids, is an absolute natural with them having never really grown up herself. She has many different roles working with children of all ages, still works in a nursery, teaches French at a local school and offer private tuition in her free time. Sophie is delighted to join the Toddler Sense team and can't wait to meet all your little ones.

Becky has been working with children since she was a teenager. She is a qualified swimming teacher, works as a Teaching Assistant at a local school and fills up the school holiday time as a nanny for many different local families. Becky is a natural with children and they love her. Once finished her training Becky's comment was "oh my God, this is the best job in the world, it is so much fun!"



Toddler Sense classes will introduce you and your child to an amazing new world of play, music, singing and fun. Each week you will experience a new adventure together, whether that be exploring the rainforest, swimming with Dolphins or digging for fossils. 

The main emphasis is on mobility, movement and adventure, each class is fast moving and action packed. Toddler sense is very different from Baby Sensory, but equally addictive and fun!!

Visitors are always welcome but please do register your interest by calling in advance.

We'd love to run a party for your Toddler too, parties are an hour long and can be tailored to a theme or to include your child's favourite activity. Just get in touch for more information.


Each class costs £7.50 and our curriculum follows a term or half term structure. We usually run terms of 10 - 12 weeks. A 10 week term costs £75, if terms are longer then we split them into two blocks so you can manage the cost more effectively. Over the Summer the terms are usually shorter due to holidays.
You are able to join a term at any time if there are spaces available and the cost of your attendance will depend on how many weeks are left in the term. For example if there are 3 weeks left then your booking will cost £22.50.

Payments can be made online to the following bank account:-
Toddler Sense St. Albans
Account Number: 19503709
Sort Code: 60-18-11

Discounts are available for siblings and twins/triplets. Please send me an email at for further information.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer a discount if you miss a session due to illness or holidays. However, you are able to offer your space to a friend and their toddler to attend in your place.

Parking is available at the Scout Hut in St Albans, but please do not park on the grass.

The entrance to the scout hut is off Sandpit Lane, just before or just after the turn to Lemsford Road.

There is no parking at the Girl Guiding Hut in Harpenden.


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