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Jayne Galloway

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Class details

Jayne Galloway

Развивающие занятия Baby Sensory, удостоившиеся Британской премии среди детских развивающих программ, теперь доступны для посещения в Вашем регионе. Baby Sensory представит вам и вашему малышу богатый и разнообразный мир сенсорных ощущений, это сотни различных видов деятельности и развивающих игр, которые стимулируют чувства и помогают ребенку всесторонне развиваться. Занятия доставят огромное удовольствие вам и малышу. Baby Sensory чрезвычайно популярная развивающая программа, количество мест в группах ограниченно, настоятельно рекомендуется записываться заранее.

Посетители всегда приветствуются нами, но, пожалуйста, звоните заранее, чтобы забронировать место.

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I love babies!  I have two daughters - one is 8 months and the other is 15 years old, and since my youngest baby came along, I have taken a huge interest in not only her progress and development, but that of babies in general.  It completely fascinates me.  When the Baby Sensory Falkirk franchise came up for sale, I knew I just had to go for it... and now I am the new owner!

I have a journalism degree and my background is in business development and marketing, which has come in really useful in my new Baby Sensory venture.  Teaching a class full of babies however, is completely new to me.  But I am really sure that my enthusiasm for little ones coupled with always being up for oodles of fun, will mean I have a top notch class for you guys to come to every week.



Completed a course of instruction in Children's First Aid & Medical Emergencies - 28.2.17


Baby Sensory classes are a warm, friendly and fun environment for you & your baby, full of rich and varied sensory experiences.  Involving babies in sensory experiences from birth advances their brain structure.  All activities at Baby Sensory are accompanied by useful developmental information, specifically designed for babies from 0-13 months.  This helps parents lead their baby's learning during the first, most important, year of their lives. Falkirk classes start and finish in our sensory area, with activities led by us.  You and your baby break out in the middle of class, to our exploratory play area, where your baby leads their own learning (it follows their natural play rest play cycle) and you get some time to chat to other parents in class. 


Is my new born baby too young or sleepy for class?

Absolutely not.  As soon as you feel ready to be out and about after giving birth, please join us.  During the first 3 months of your baby's life, 2 million neural connections are created in their brain every second, which is why sensory stimulation from birth is so important.  Babies are laying the foundations for all future learning in these first months, and then further into the first, most important, year of their lives.  Young babies brains have increased plasticity to events and experiences that facilitate development.  Research shows that even if they sleep through part of the class, benefits will not be eroded. (Research conducted by Dr Lin Day, Baby sensory Founder)

How long is class?

1 hour including exploratory play break

Are there changing facilities?

Yes - with nappies, cream etc for your convenience

Is there parking?

Yes - right outside the door.  It is free

How long before class should I turn up?

5 minutes does just fine

Do I take my shoes off?

Yes - Baby sensory has a no shoes policy

Can I eat and drink in class?

You can eat (solid food for babies too)or drink round the edges of the room for health and safety and hygiene reasons.  You can feed your baby milk or have a drink of water in our sensory area (matted)

My baby is 7 months.  Should they be in a 0-7 month or 7-13 month class?

If your baby can crawl, then 7-13 month class.  If your baby moves around a lot (though not yet crawling), and has good hand eye co ordination (for example, they can pick up a small piece of food & put it straight in their mouth) then 7-13 month class. 




2 trial sessions for £15

5 sessions for £37.50

10 sessions for £68.00

How to book:

Use the Book Now button to secure your space in class. 

If the class says 'Wait List', please DO complete the form as spaces may become available or I may put on another class to accommodate you & others.  Contact me on if there's anything I can help you with.

Baby Sensory Studio, within the Cherish - Nurturing Mums, Nurturing Babies Units (Unit M),

Newhouse Business Park, Newhouse Road,

Grangemouth, FK3 8LL

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